YOUR Donations at Work: MissionLink December 17, 2015

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Recently, Mission Central received the following letter from Faith Christian School, Washington, PA.  This is a first-hand example of YOUR donations and support at work and the good that is accomplished with YOUR help.




November 15, 2015

Dear Friends in Christ:

The students of Faith Christian School have been blessed by the generosity of your organization.  Pastor Max Miller delivered boxes of so many things!  There was a big box of nutrition bars, a box of T-shirts, a box of decorations, books, coloring books and Halloween buckets for trick-or-treating.

The shirts were used by our high school gym classes to differentiate between the teams.  Twenty-three little kindergarteners were so happy with their little buckets!  First graders were given the Animal Planet coloring books.  The keep them in their desks and often, when they have free time, they have them out coloring and doing puzzles.

The preschoolers received the Dora The Explorer books.  The nutrition bars were used here and also in supplying lunches to a local mission to the homeless.

You have been a blessing to us at Faith Christian and we have been able to be a blessing to others.  Thank you!  We pray that God continues to bless your ministry.


Mrs. Lucy W. Hall, Principal

You can see some of the many ways that your support of Mission Central makes a difference in this world.  From coloring books and t-shirts in schools to large scale disaster relief, Mission Central, with YOUR help, can continue to connect God’s resources with human need.

Thank you!

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