Green Mtn HUB Reports on Visit to Mission Central: MissionLink December 10, 2015

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Members of the Green Mountan HUB in Shelburne, Vermont, recently completed a week long trip to Mission Central, working on UMCOR Health Kits, School Kits and Cleanup Buckets.  They had an opportunity to share a meal with Camp Hill UMC, participating in their Hunger Action Week activities.  They also were able to share a meal with Young’s UMC.  Most importantly, they experienced many “God Moments” and wanted to share a few.


Carol Blanching:  My Basic Training Battalion’s Chaplain emphasized the importance of ‘getting our spiritual tank filled”.  He encouraged us to allow our short, weekly chapel time to recharge our bodies and souls.  My week at Mission Central did that for me.  I found enjoyment in service with my team, as we worked on assembling and packaging health kits, school kits and clean-up buckets, and yes, even while we rolled trash bags for others to later put into new clean-up buckets.  It was during these work times and during our meals that I enjoyed fellowship with my team, sharing stories to pass the time.  It was a wonderful week of fellowship, service and retreat and I am already looking forward to our next trip!

HUB 020Dave Ely:  On our trip to Mission Central last month we met many wonderful people, including an extraordinary couple from a nearby community.  Laverne and his wife, Geri, both 92, and several others from their church, spend one morning each month putting together Health Care Kits.  Laverne and Geri, after each losing their spouses of more than 60 years of marriage, fell in love and seven years ago were married.  The couples had known each other for many years and been members of the same church for decades.  (Laverne also shared with me that the loneliness of losing their spouses was so overwhelmingly difficult, they just couldn’t go on alone.)

I was humbled when he said it was inspirational for them to see people coming all the way from Vermont to spend a week at Mission Central.  For me, it was the other way around.  Quite frankly, it was inspirational for me to see this couple continue to live Wesley’s words, “Do all the good you can.  By all the means you can.  In all the ways you can.  In all the places you can.  At all the times you can.  To all the people you can.”  And, perhaps most importantly for lots of us who find ourselves in the autumns of our lives, but run across people like Laverne.  “As long as ever you can.”

Towards the end of our morning together, I joked with Laverne about our pay that morning and asked whether or not he thought we should ask for a raise.  He smiled and said, “Why, the pay is already out of this world”…and I knew exactly what he meant.

Greg Smith:  While working at Mission Central, a couple of us were asked to help unload a truck of old computer equipment being delivered to the computer ministry, which is housed there.  In the course of unloading, I found several switching devices.  As I examined one closely, it appeared to be the very kind of switch I had tried to find for our projection system at church, but had not been able to locate.  I mentioned this to the man in charge and asked if he would let me buy it.  He told me I could just take it—and if I wanted more, they had lots of them!  Gladly, I brought it home with me.  Much to my delight, I discovered that it really was exactly what I had needed and it works perfectly!

Thank you to the Computer Ministry at Mission Central for sharing from your abundance!

HUB 045Lisa Meredith:  As always, I had several God moments while at Mission Central.  This year, my first one was before we even left.  We had a meeting before our trip, to meet and greet, sign forms and finalize trip logistics.  It was obvious from the start that this group of volunteers would work very well together. Whether we were praying together, working together or eating together, there was a real sense of fellowship and faith – all God moments for me.  I always come back from Mission Central feeling inspired and energized for mission work…and to come back to another successful kit party is yet another God moment!

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