New Executive Assistant Joins Mission Central: MissionLink November 12, 2015

Brad Biren 2015


Recently, Mission Central welcomed Brad Biren as the new Executive Assistant.  Brad and his husband moved to the area in July after his husband was hired at Lebanon Valley College as their new Director of Choral Activities.

Brad is an attorney, licensed in New Jersey and Iowa and was trained in nonprofit law and management.  He is a first generation American and the grandson of Holocaust survivors through his father’s side.  His mother’s family has been in the country for several more generations; with a history of starting and managing nonprofits, including a synagogue in Canarsie, Brooklyn.


Before law school, Brad graduated from Cornell University, where a large part of his education included designing and improving sustainable buildings and green-roof projects.  Brad has been a world traveler, having lived in many countries, including China, New Zealand, Israel, Istanbul and Lebanon and has a passion for foreign languages and culture.

Of his time here so far, Brad says that the volunteers and staff at Mission Central have been enormously welcoming.  Brad would like everyone to know that as a “thank you” for all the  generosity that has been shown to him, his husband, in his capacity as a conductor at LVC, will be hosting a fundraiser for Mission Central on February 20, 2016 at the Hershey First United Methodist Church at 730pm.  Everyone is invited to come and share in the joy that is music.

Brad welcomes all to stop by his office to introduce yourselves and say hello and looks forward to serving Mission Central.

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