Mission Central Dedicates New Truck: MissionLink October 29, 2015

MC Truck


Last week, Mission Central was able to fulfill a dream many years in the making.  Thanks to a generous grant from UMCOR, a new truck was dedicated.  The grant covered the purchase of the truck, the “wrap” for the truck and expected maintenance for 2 years.



MC Truck FrontThe truck can be used to service the HUBs, which have always had to rely on individuals to make deliveries.  Being able to provide this service to the HUBs will allow for faster and more regular exchanges of supplies, delivery of UMCOR Kits and many other goods.  In times of disaster and crisis, this will prove to be an invaluable resource.

Additionally, Mission Central now has the means to pick up donations, which has never been an option in the past.





Among those on hand for the dedication were Reverends Ruth Ward and Bob Ryder, along with Executive Director, Rob Visscher, who all spoke and provided words of prayer.  Also present, was Bishop Park, who had a special prayer of dedication for the truck.

Bishop Park had these words to say, “Mission Central is no longer location bound…it is EVERYWHERE now!”




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