“Barefoot Sunday” by Middlesex UMC: MissionLink October 1, 2015

Middlesex UMC


Recently, Mission Central participated in a shoe drive that helped micro-businesses in Africa and around the world.  Pairs of new and gently used shoes were collected, sorted, boxed and shipped from Mission Central.

The congregation of Middlesex UMC, Carlisle PA took this drive to heart and created “Barefoot Sunday”.  The story of this day is best told by Pastor Jan Hughes:


“When the announcement came out that Mission Central was collecting gently used shoes, the faith community at Middlesex UMC knew that this was in line with their passion and their vision. Since becoming a Matthew 28 church in 2009, the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world meant that we would do everything in our power to make that the
first priority on every ministry model that we offered.

Middlesex UMC 2In missions, we give with extravagant generosity, but we seek to have a relationship with those that we support so that we impact and affect lives for Christ.  Mission Central is one of those special relationships that we know is making a difference. Our folks regularly volunteer at Mission Central and know first hand the transformations that occur in so many lives because of this amazing Spirit led ministry.
So, we were All IN.  We like to have fun and experience deep joy when we live out Christ, so “Barefoot Sunday” was planned.  “Come to church barefoot or in flip flops”, we encouraged our community, “and experience the holy ground of God as we partner with Mission Central to put shoes on feet.”
Middlesex UMC 3


Folks came, shoes came, joy came and love went out, in every shoe that we dedicated to make a difference in another life.  Sometimes God gives you a story, sometimes you are the story, but all the
time God asks you to tell your story through your words, your actions, your generosity, and sometimes through your barefeet!
It is a sole experience of the soul!”



Due to the help of amazing groups like Middlesex UMC and the many others who have volunteered, donated and participated in countless other ways, Mission Central has been able to earn almost $7500 for their efforts in this wonderful ministry.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

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