Report from Dominican Republic Mission Trip: MissionLink September 3, 2015



Rick Herring, Finance Chair, Mission Central Board of Directors, recently returned from a Mission Trip in the Dominican Republic.  He was one of 17 members of a local mission team that served 8 days as God’s ambassadors to the people of Cristobal…a small town near the Haitian border in the western part of the Dominican Republic.





Rick, a member of First United Methodist Church in Mechanicsburg and the rest of the team set out to spread God’s Love and Word through a children’s Bible School, a work project to improve the church ceiling, prayer and a medical clinic.

The medical clinic was the unexpected highlight of the trip and was supported primarily from donations   of medical supplies to Mission Central in Mechanicsburg.  “We wanted to provide medical assistance o the Cristobal people that were in need.  Our team had two nurses, including my daughter Christina.  We asked if Mission Central had items in their warehouse that could be used for such a project”, said Rick.  The answer was an overwhelming YES!  Jean Norris, a nurse volunteer at Mission Central and Ray Harden, Mission Central Warehouse Operations Manager,  gathered bandages, gauze, creams, syringes, sponges, cotton balls and even some small medical equipment for us to use in Cristobal, DR.

RickHerring1Rick went on to say, “Mission Central gathered donated items that met nearly every need we had to serve this Dominican community.  However, we had ONE more issue… how could we carry all this stuff to the DR ??”  God had the answer….Mission Central also received donations of lightweight suitcases (17 in all), that were able to be packed with medical supplies to take on the trip.  “God is so good…and thank you to all the supporters of Mission Central who are generous and bring their items which can be put to good use.”

The team carried the extra suitcases, filled with medical supplies, through airports and on buses to get to their destination.  Once there, it was expected that fifty people would be treated during their stay. However, God had a different plan.  More than 150 people showed up at the clinic and the team also made home visits throughout the community.  Rick added “In all cases, we finished our hands-on work with prayers for healing and thanksgiving over our new friends in Christ from the DR.”




“Thank you Lord and Mission Central for support of our trip.”

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