Bishop Jeremiah Park Makes Donation to Mission Central: MissionLink, September 24, 2015


Bishop Park check pic

Recently, Bishop Jeremiah Park came to Mission Central to deliver a check from the 1st year donations from his “Bishop’s Partners in Mission” Program.

Bishop Park started this program in support of two worthy causes, with Mission Central being fortunate to be one of those beneficiaries. Donations are divided between the two organizations, unless specific designations are made.


In attendance were the Bishop’s Cabinet, representatives of Mission Central’s Board of Directors and members of Mission Central’s Capital Campaign Committee.


Bishop ParkBishop Park had these words “I am overwhelmed with intense joy and over-flowing gratitude as I share this exciting news with you. As of the end of August 2015, the individuals, congregations small groups and friends of the Susquehanna Annual Conference have contributed close to $300,000 to the Bishop’s Partners in Mission. There is absolutely no way that I can ever begin to express my appreciation and excitement to each person and congregation for their generous support. Every gift, no matter its size, when added together, has made possible this awesome accomplishment”

Bishop Park went on to reaffirm his support of Mission Central and our Capital Campaign, to which this donation will go.


Mission Central wishes to thank Bishop Park and his Partners in Mission for their continued support of our “Unfolding Story” Capital Campaign, with a goal of raising $2 million by June of 2016.

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