Wesley Forest Campers Assemble Candy Kits – MissionLink August 13, 2015



Last week, 2nd – 6th grade campers at Wesley Forest assembled candy kits as a service project for Mission Central. The project was part of a lesson on Jesus as a healer. The campers explored how Jesus can heal people in many ways and how they can be part of Jesus’s healing power when they help others.


Before diving into the project, the campers learned about Mission Central and how they are connected to the huge network of Mission Central volunteers.  A camper shared, “I learned that Mission Central helps people, I learned about a little girl who got a bike.”


candy kit

The campers assembled kits containing several pieces of candy and a handmade card with messages written by the children.

Sweet and thoughtful notes such as, “God’s Light Shines On You”, “Don’t Worry, Jesus Loves You”, “Beautiful Like You” and “God’s Peace Includes You”, serve as a great reminder of God’s love.






“The kits were fun to make, it made me feel good because I was helping other people in need” a young camper stated.






Jack Chelsea HooverThe candy kits are distributed to those in need of encouragement and serve as a tangible reminder that they are loved.

The campers managed to assemble over 200 kits for Mission Central (and the counselors confirm that no candy was eaten).  Their efforts will surely brighten the lives of many in the months to come!

As one camper wrote on a card – “Jesus is a helping hand, a friend, a savior, and teacher.  You are never alone. God and Jesus LOVE YOU!”


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