All Types of Donations Needed / June Operations Report: MissionLink July 30, 2015

Annual Conference 2015 NEJ Bishops' 6.16.15 016 B


Our shoe drive at Annual Conference was a huge success!  We have over 20,000 pair of shoes in the warehouse and by the time this report comes out, we will have verified 7,500 pairs for our first shipment.


We also supplied 4 skids of toys and kids’ clothing for one of our partners, Haiti Outreach.

Pastor Noah from Ghana is looking for a large diesel generator and solar lighting to use for the ministry in Ghana.  They have trouble getting sub-summable electricity.

Tech4Tanzania has plans to ship medical supplies and books to the medical school to help train nurses in Tanzania.  This will happen sometime in August.



Dog Food

We received our first load of pet food at the warehouse to help with shelters in the area. In the event of a disaster, we will supply pet food for temporary shelters in a disaster area. This program will be called “Arty’s Blessing.” We have given out our first donation of dog and cat food to “Nobody’s Cats.”


We have several other local 501c3 organizations that are in contact with us to       obtain pet food.


Current Needs at Mission Central:

Mission Central is currently collecting school supplies for the assembly of School Kits.  Click here for details on the School Kits, as well as a listing of all the various kits Mission Central assembles.


July 2015 Building Photo

June by the numbers:

Total Mission Central Volunteers: 550

Total Volunteer Hours: 2,088

Total Warehouse Output: $364,833

Total Lives reached: 128,485

Thank You for your continued support to Mission Central.
Year to date:

Ops Rpt Jun 2015

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