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Connecting God’s Resources with Human Need
Mission Central is there when floods and hurricanes have destroyed people’s homes. Mission Central is there when people all over the world need medical supplies, food and clothing. Mission Central is there, right here in Pennsylvania, when people need help getting a fresh start in life, recover from an illness or just need a helping hand through a rough time. Mission Central is there and will continue to be there because God has not finished unfolding our story...
Number of lives touched by Mission Central to-date in 2016.
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Get Ready For the Mission Central 5K: MissionLink May 5, 2016

  You’ve probably heard of the Mission Central “Missions in Motion” 5K coming up this fall on October 29th.  You may have skipped last year’s, thinking a 5K isn’t for you or that you’d never be able to do it.  Many people feel the same way, but you shouldn’t let that worry stop you. A… Read More

Arty’s Blessings: MissionLink April 28, 2016

  Did you know that with everything Mission Central does, we even have a ministry for pet food? “Arty’s Blessings” is the pet food distribution ministry providing dog and cat food in the event of a disaster.  We always think of people’s needs during these times, but our pets are important too. Arty’s Blessings is… Read More

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