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Connecting God’s Resources with Human Need
Mission Central is there when floods and hurricanes have destroyed people’s homes. Mission Central is there when people all over the world need medical supplies, food and clothing. Mission Central is there, right here in Pennsylvania, when people need help getting a fresh start in life, recover from an illness or just need a helping hand through a rough time. Mission Central is there and will continue to be there because God has not finished unfolding our story...
Number of lives touched by Mission Central in 2016!!
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Giant Foods’ Donations Help Locally and Globally: MissionLink July 27, 2017

Recently, we received the following email regarding donations from Giant Foods that were obtained through Mission Central.  Many of you may have benefited from Giant’s various donations, but here’s an example of the far reach that can be made when we team up and work on a global level, as well. “Our mission team was… Read More

School Supplies Still Needed: MissionLink July 26, 2017

Don’t forget, we still need school supplies of all kinds.  Backpacks are needed as well.  YOU can make the difference for a child by helping to equip them for the upcoming school year. Tell your friends, your churches, youth groups, co-workers..anyone can help and make a difference!  Stores are starting sales and great discounts can… Read More

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