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Connecting God’s Resources with Human Need
Mission Central is there when floods and hurricanes have destroyed people’s homes. Mission Central is there when people all over the world need medical supplies, food and clothing. Mission Central is there, right here in Pennsylvania, when people need help getting a fresh start in life, recover from an illness or just need a helping hand through a rough time. Mission Central is there and will continue to be there because God has not finished unfolding our story...
Number of lives touched by Mission Central in 2016!!
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Latest News

Improving Conditions in Honduran Hospitals: MissionLink August 17, 2017

  We recently received this update from Dave Kerr, regarding donated hotel duvet covers that have been transformed into high quality hospital sheets to be used in Honduras.  Dave explained to me that these hospitals are often lacking proper bedding and said that these sheets will go a long way to help in the recovery… Read More

Sierra Leone Struck with Devastating Flooding & Mudslides: MissionLink August 17, 2017

  On August 14th, a massive mudslide, triggered by days of heavy rains, came down Sugar Loaf Mountain and onto Freetown, Sierra Leone.  Initial reports are that of nearly 400 killed and more than 600 still missing.  Thousands more are left without homes or food and are living in life threatening conditions, with limited access… Read More

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